Friday, April 21, 2006

Cataloging Books

We had a very interesting education hour today. My friend Annie taught us how to use the webpage It's a webpage where you can organize or catalog your books. You create entries by typing in the name or ISBN. The site then searches Amazon, the Library of Congress and a few other sites to match your book to a record. It then imports the cover art (where available) and puts it in your catalog. You can add tags (aka subject headings) either at the time you add the book or later. What's really great is that you're able to access the catalog from anywhere. I've started adding my geology books and I added a marklet to the blog on the left side so you can see what some of my books in the catalog are. Very fun! Annie's brother uses her site to find books to read based on the tags and what he knows he already likes. Eventually, if I felt really dedicated, I could write book reviews and add them to the site. Wheeeeee.... gotta love technology.

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